"The Mayflower is a terrific track. And here's a version of Bourgeois Blues like you've never heard it before... Unique, in the very good sense of the word.."
Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

Rosebud is vocalist Tracey Kelly's previous duo with pianist and keyboard player Andy Butler. The name is taken from the enigmatic last word uttered by the protaganist in Orson Welles' classic film, Citizen Kane. Rosebud's cache of self-penned songs range from moody, cinematic soundscapes to upbeat rockers with a message, sporting crisp arrangements, expert playing and unique lyrics.

An accomplished pianist, Andy Butler attended a renowned choir school, where singing complex harmonies six days a week allowed him to hone his arrangement skills. As well as with Rosebud, he has since played in session with many noted musicians in jazz and pop. With a love of pop, soul, jazz, rock and country (so pretty much everything!), his influences are diverse. Andy plays guitar on several Rosebud tracks as well.

Vocalist Tracey Kelly also learned harmony skills from children's choirs in school, as well as singing every instrumental part in every pop/rock/soul song she liked. Her influences are also diverse - for more, see the Bio page. As well as all lead and harmony vocals, she plays small guitar/ keyboard parts on the Rosebud tracks.

The Just Like You EP was championed by Bob Harris and his producer at BBC Radio 2. Andy and Tracey went on to separate projects shortly after this, but are now experiencing renewed interest in the Rosebud music.